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Men and Low Sexual Desire

In my last blog post, I discussed the issue of women and low sexual desire, a topic that is commonly presented in various media articles and forums.  But what about men, do they ever have low sexual desire? According to the common stereotype, of course, the answer would be no.  We all know that men are supposed to …

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Women and Low Sexual Desire

As a sex therapist, one of the most common concerns I see is women who say that they have low desire. This is hardly surprising. Open any popular magazine or online media source and you’re likely to come across some mention of women and low sexual desire. But just what do women mean when they …

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Depression in Relationships

By Sarah Dale, MSc., RP Have you noticed a loss of interest in previously enjoyed activities, energy, appetite, and less engagement with others? Has there been a decline in your ability to focus at work or home, maintain routines or memory loss? Do you feel empty, hopeless, worthless, or that life is losing its meaning? …

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Relationship Therapy for Individuals

As a couple therapist in Toronto, I’m sometimes asked about what to do if you want to go to marriage therapy or couple’s counselling but your partner refuses.  Does relationship therapy work if only one person attends? At first glance, you might think that the answer is obvious—after all,  how can you do couple therapy with only one …

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New Year, New Resolution…Again?

It’s that time of year, when folks are making resolutions. This is despite the fact that research shows that the vast majority of people will relapse into their old behaviour within a few months. It’s enough to make you wonder, are New Year’s resolutions even worth it? As an individual, couple and sex therapist in …

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New Individual and Couple Therapist

East Toronto Therapy is pleased to introduce a new member of the team, Associate Psychotherapist Justin Pinksen. Although new to East Toronto Therapy, Justin has extensive experience providing counselling and therapy services in a variety of settings. As a Registered Social Worker, Justin has training and experience in supporting individuals with concerns such as anxiety, …

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