East Toronto Therapy


Couples & Marriage Counselling

East Toronto Therapy provides marriage counselling & sex therapy for couples and therapy & counselling to individuals living in Toronto, Scarborough, North York, Etobicoke and Mississauga.  We are conveniently located on the Danforth Subway Line near Pape Station.



Poor communication skills are one of the most common complaints of couples seeking counselling. Do you find that your partner misunderstands what you say? Do minor issues turn into arguments? Do you avoid talking about certain topics, or hold back from sharing your feelings, joys or hurts with your partner? Good communication is the cornerstone of a successful relationship. Counselling can help you and your partner learn how to communicate effectively.


Conflict Resolution

Do you have the same argument over and over again? Do arguments escalate into yelling or end when one partner walks away? All couples have differing opinions at times; the key is learning to disagree in a respectful way. Couple counselling can teach you conflict resolution skills and address the core issues underlying your disagreements.


Sexual Intimacy

Is the romance gone? Do you feel like roommates rather than lovers? Couple counselling can help you and your partner get the spark back by giving you a safe place to talk about differences in sexual desire and your romantic needs. You can find the passion and closeness in your relationship again.



Have you or your partner had an affair? Whether the affair is emotional or physical, the betrayal of infidelity causes great pain. You may even wonder if the two of you will ever recover. With couple counselling, you can bring trust and closeness back to your relationship. Counselling can also help protect your relationship from future affairs.


Emotional Distance

Do you feel that a distance has grown between you and your partner? You and your partner can become close again, finding pleasure in each other’s company. Couple counselling can help you rebuild the connection.



Have you or your partner considered divorce? Sometimes it can be hard to see any other way through the hurt and anger. But divorce is a painful answer. Couple counselling allows you and your partner to talk about the issues that have brought you to this point and can help you heal the pain.

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