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Social Anxiety

Making a presentation at work, introducing yourself to a new neighbor, or attending a social gathering: How do you feel in these situations? While many people experience some amount of discomfort in social situations from time to time, for people with social anxiety these types of events can lead to intense feelings of distress. People …

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Anxiety and Sex

In my previous post, I discussed anxiety in general. In this post, I’ll discuss anxiety specifically in relation to sex. Anxiety and sexual dysfunction go hand in hand. Whatever the sexual difficulty (low desire, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, delayed ejaculation, pelvic pain, or inability to orgasm) anxiety is usually involved to some degree. In some …

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Anxiety: Symptoms and Treatment

What is anxiety? Anxiety refers to worry, fear, or the sense that something bad may happen. Anxiety isn’t always negative. It can serve as a warning system, calling our attention to danger. Anxiety may help us avoid dangerous situations or exercise extra caution, thereby protecting us from negative consequences. However, anxiety can also be harmful …

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