Intensive Couples Counselling

The intensive couple’s counselling experience can help you gain a better understanding of how your relationship got to its current state and help you gain an understanding of the pattern you have fallen into as a couple as you begin to heal from past hurts. For some couples, feelings of frustration and helplessness have been growing for years and intensive couples counselling can help. For other couples, a recent infidelity or crisis may have recently led the relationship to a crossroads. Intensive couples counselling can help you get a jump start on the road to healing your relationship.


Intensive couple’s counselling takes place over three consecutive days (Friday – Sunday). On weekends when intensive couple’s counselling is available, sessions begin on a Friday afternoon at 3:00pm and end on Sunday at 5:00pm.

After the Intensive

For most couples, there is still work to be done after the intensive couple’s counselling is complete. You may wish to attend weekly or bi-weekly therapy sessions with Adrienne Bairstow. If this is not feasible due to distance or time constraints, Adrienne may be able to refer you to a couple’s therapist in your area.

For more information or to schedule intensive couple’s therapy, please contact Adrienne at 416-545-9908 or by email.

Intensive Couples Counselling Frequently Asked Questions